dissabte, 20 de març de 2010

Anuncio sobre intercambio de libros Islamicos a traves de Muadh de Newcastle.

THE OLIVE RECYCLING PROJECT & Islamic book donation scheme

We accept used islamic books any condition any quantity

1. Unusable Holy Qu'raan & books disposed of correctly

2. Usabale Holy Qu'raan redistributed

3. Learning materials redistributed

4. Books given to various institutions

5. Books sold at low cost to promote learning,raise funds & to create
largest islamic research library

6. National coverage & global redistribution

7. Funds raised go towards educational charities,projects & to purchase
rare islamic manuscripts

8. Our accounts available for inspection anytime

9. Harmful false material taken out of national circulation(e.g
qaydiyani publications,etc)

To arrange collection or drop off email


Theolivefoundationuk-educational charity-book distribution &


Reviving classical islamic scholarship worldwide

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