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Sultan’s Instructions for Recitation of “Qul Yaa `Azheem” / Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani Sultanul Awliya - Salawat-Celebration/Music

Sultan’s Instructions for Recitation of “Qul Yaa `Azheem” / Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani Sultanul Awliya - Salawat-Celebration/Music

Qul Ya Azeem antal Azeem

On the 6th of April 2011, Maulana Shaykh Nazim instructed all mureeds to get a copy of this
Qaseedah, and read/sing this Qasidah/do'a daily, either before or after azan, and to read it at least
three times daily. Mureeds must read this every night and in every Association (Suhbah), for it gives
them power. It is very important that every Mureed of Maulana, read this all the time.
Maulana specially mentioned that the 300 million people in Indonesia must read this, “Tsunami is
coming, the waves are coming! If they don't read this, nothing can protect them.” This do'a is the
only protection from the coming Tsunami! Maulana also mentioned that it must be read in Cyprus
and Istanbul.

Transliteration from Arabic Translation into English

Qul Ya Azeem antal Azeem
Qad hammana hammun Azeem
Wa qullu shay in hammana
Ya hunu bis mika Ya Azeem

Say: O Tremendous One! You are the
Tremendous One
We have been afflicted by a grevious and
grave concern, and every concern that we are
worried about, becomes easy with the
mention of Your Name, O Great One

Antal Qadeem, Qadeemu fil azal
Antal Lateef, Lateefu lam tazal
Anna azil ma qad nazal
Min fadihil khat bish shadeed

You are the Ancient One, the Ancient One from
You are the Most Subtle and Gentle One, You
are always Subtle and Gentle
Remove from us, what has befallen us,
of grave and difficult afflictions, which are so
heavy upon us that that they suffocate our Souls

Hayyun Qadeem, Qadeemun Wajidu (Allah!)
Baqi Ghaniy, ghaniyyun Majidu (Allah!)
Adlun Ilah, Ilahun Wahidu
Barrun Rauf, Raufun bil abeed

You are the Living, the Eternally Generous One,
You are the Most Rich, the Eternally Rich One
who has no need of anyone or anything, O Most
Honoured and Glorious One
You are the Lord Most Fair, Most Unique, You
are One and Alone,
You are always bestowing goodness tenderly,
You are the Most Compassionate and Most
Tender One, with Your Servants

Wa lin nabiyi salli ya salaam
Minna salla tun ma as-salaam

Upon our Prophet (saw), we recite selawat and
Send from us, our selawats and salams, to him

Yawmal jazam nahnas-salaam
Mimma nakha fu Ya Majeed

Give us safety on the Day of Judgement,
from what we fear, O Lord Most Honourable
and Glorious

Wal aali wa sahbil usud
Sadu bihi, bi daw wasud
La siyyama, mahil hasood
Sayful Ilaah hibnul Waleed

Send Your blessings upon Rasulullah's (saw)
Family and Companions, who are as brave as
For they have guided the white-skinned and
black-skinned ones, with the blessings of
Rasulullah (saw),
And upon the most outstanding Companion, he
who is known as the one who wiped out the
envious ones,
The Sword of Allah, Sayyidina Khalid Ibni
Walid (ra)